My MBA internship at AppWorks

I recently finished my MBA summer internship at AppWorks and wanted to write a quick summary and reflection for those MBA students who are considering applying or joining. I received a return offer and accepted.

Background on me and my first-year recruiting

I’m Columbia Business School ’20, an “ABC” (American-Born Chinese) and spent my pre-MBA career at IBM as an analytics consultant building predictive models. I did my undergrad at Ohio State and majored in math. I applied early decision to CBS and spent the year before CBS in China studying Mandarin full-time. I went into recruiting with the goal of working in China or Taiwan full-time and did not consider positions in the US. My plan B for the summer if I couldn’t find anything there was Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian cities. So my recruiting was not industry-specific but region-specific. Most of the positions I recruited for were consulting, big tech, or enterprise. AppWorks was the only VC position I saw by December. I finished my interviews with them and accepted the offer before on-campus interviews started because for me it was a perfect fit in terms of industry, location, and the people I spoke with during the interviews.

Structure of internship

The formal summer associate program is still pretty new but for me the internship was divided into three parts:

VC (65%)

Accelerator (25%)

Startup project (10%)

You are also encouraged to blog to build up your internet presence. I wrote four blog articles over the course of the ten weeks (you can see them in my medium profile).

I was assigned a mentor (one of the partners) with whom I had weekly 1:1 meetings to discuss anything and everything. There were frequent team dinners or lunches (formal and informal) as well as outings (to the beach, hiking, night market, KTV, etc). You will not be bored and will have many opportunities to get to know your co-workers better.

My internship cohort

There were 3 of us total. Besides me there was an Indonesian guy from Yale SOM and a Taiwanese guy from Ross. Their internship structures were the same as mine. We didn’t work with each other on anything and had our own mentors and projects, but we hung out or got food often.

My own experience

I had an amazing time and learned a lot. What made me accept the return offer was:

AppWorks is and is not for…

I hope that was helpful. Good luck with recruiting and remember to pursue what you want, rather than get caught up with what other people want or what looks prestigious.

Associate at AppWorks

Associate at AppWorks